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The company studio nowacki was founded in 1993 by Aleksander Nowacki. He is both a composer and performer. He also was the lead member of the popular band HOMO HOMINI. The initial focus of the studio was scripting, composing, and producing commercials for television and radio. That evolved into composing and recording music for professional musicians and singers. Most recently the studio has branched out and written scores and lyrics for the Theatre and Music Halls.

Many companies, such as (for example) T.C. Debica, Nissan, Fiat, Daewoo, Gorenje, Volkswagen, Loctite, Prawo i gospodarka have used our services. We also worked for OBI, Stinnes, Satchi & Satchi, Leo Burnett, Auto Fiat Poland, RP Telekom SA, Simba Toys – Polska, Real, Polskie Radio SA, Biuro Reklamy S.A.

Thay are recorded in our studio: Piotr Fronczewski, Natalia Kukulska, Tadeusz Ross, Katarzyna Skrzynecka, Jerzy Stuhr, Lola Szafran, Waldemar Kocoń, Ela Adamiak, Andrzej i Jerzy Rybińscy, Iwona Niedzielska, Kabaret Długi, Jan Pietrzak et al.

We guarantee that we meet the highest standards. You can trust that we will provide you with quality results in an efficient and timely manner. Call us for an non-binding estimate.

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